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Jun 06 2023 - Jun 05 2024
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COACHING: 8 steps to go from a dream to an action plan


Many people dream of achieving a project (personal or professional) but how many take action?

  • My mission is to help you to take action efficiently.

Organization of the course:

10 hours to go from a dream to an action plan.

  • Tailor-made coaching
    • According to your time slots
    • At your own pace
    • According to your needs (each client is unique)
  • I respond to your requests, your fears…
    • In complete confidentiality
    • According to my professional and personal experience, I can adopt either a COACH or a CONSULTANT posture (in order to respond in a pragmatic and efficient way to your prior request).
  • My only request is a 100% commitment on your part!
    • I will be an unconditional supporter
    • Nevertheless the TRANSFORMATION is in your hands

How does it happen? :

  • 1 free appointment to understand your prior request
    • Register using the questionnaire below and I will contact you to arrange a meeting.
    • No commitment at this stage
    • There is no such thing as a good or bad coach, you just need to find the right person for you.
  • After our discussion, you decide to take action … What happens?
    • We start with your preliminary request
    • We go through an Exploration Phase to define the Present State
    • We define a clear and precise objective
    • We work on the blocking points (Environment, Values, Limits, Fear(s) …)
    • We set up the strategy
    • Develop an action plan
    • We slowly unfold “step by step”.
  • My mantra is harmony Family / Work / Passion so I will make sure you take care of all your life areas.

Practical details:

  • Location: Face-to-face or Zoom (this is defined at the first appointment

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