Training description

By following this intensive three-day (2 + 1 day) course, you gain the ability to use the Reiss Motivation Profile professionally, interpret the results and use it as an individual coaching tool, Team or recruitment tool.The first two days are focused on theory, the analysis of personal profiles and the contextualization of the 16 motivations. Studyingwhat to extract and use from one’s profile and a first coaching experience. The 3rd day is based onpracticing, with the study of your first coaching experiences with the RMP.

Title obtained Certification au Reiss Profile Master avec licence d’utilisation

Aims and Objectives • Understand the philosophy and theories of the Reiss profile • Manage the Reiss profile in order to benefit from it in your sector of activity • Understand all possible applications of the Reiss profile • Know how to use the Reiss platform and its various tools • Know each other better • Know how to conduct a coaching session in relation to the restitution of the Reiss profile and to analyze profiles • Application of Reiss for team building, conflict management, family mediation, education / guidance

The three-day RMP Accreditation Seminar opens up perspectives on the Reiss Motivation Profile and its application possibilities. Practical exercises and the interpretation of Reiss Motivation Profiles in different areas provide an effective preparation for practical application as a Reiss Profile Master.

Natural Participants Trainers, coaches, personal development specialists, consultants, organizational specialists, business leaders, managers, executives, HR managers, recruiters ...

Terms & Conditions

As a prerequisite, you will fill in the online questionnaire for your own Reiss Motivation Profile

Upcoming Events

7-8 March & 27 April 2017 6-7 September and 20 October 2017

Place Nyon Region

Price 2,200 CHF, including 4 profiles worth CHF 450


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