The Reiss motivation profile® is a unique and innovative tool that meets the present major challenge
of companies:


“How can we keep our employees motivated or how can we allow them to reclaim their motivation?»


The profile is used worldwide and has been carried out by millions of people. In its most well-known applications, we can mention the US military, many schools wishing to measure any risks of school failure and anticipate them, sports teams such as the Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool, …

IDEO assesses individual motivations and offers appropriate organizational adjustments in order to apply them.


This unique tool makes it possible to:


• Recruit effectively
• Bring teams together
• Coach an individual


The Reiss profile assesses the motivations and the “will of the individuals”: the why.


Why do you want to get up in the morning?
What is really important to you?
What brings you pleasure and meaning in your life?
What makes your success?
What makes you happy?


The Reiss Motivation Profile® created by Prof. Steven Reiss, Professor of Psychology at the University of Ohio, is the first tool that defines a person’s complete motivational structure without reducing it to a few typologies. Each profile is unique.


Your results are compared to a standard. The stronger the need, the more you differentiate yourself from others and the less you get along with the people on the other side of the spectrum.


This tool allows us to better get to know each other, better understand each other and better tolerate our differences..


“The study of motivation by Professor Steven Reiss provides valuable information on such issues as why some interpersonal relationships are sustainable and satisfactory while others are not. His theory on motivation sheds light on the most important issues in our lives.”


Teacher. Richard J. McNally
Professor of Psychology, Harvard University

Our services


• Certified RMP training

By certifying yourself, you learn to coach with the RMP and have access to the online platform with the test translated into 5 languages. This is a great tool to improve your recruitment process.
For who ?
HR managers, coaches & consultants.

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Team Coaching

Used by many renowned football teams, the RMP makes it possible to highlight the individual motivations of each teammate in order to increase the collective understanding and performance of the group.
A uniquetolerance tool that makes it possible to unite teams who have difficultiesin getting on with each other.
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Individual coaching


Motivated by this prospect? Contact one of our certified coaches(we are all certified).

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