Founder of ideo human capital in 2008, initial training as a lawyer and attorney, followed by a career as a director in the fields of human resources, management and personal development. Work experience in the corporate world at AXA, Credit Suisse and Capital International.


Holder of a master’s degree in applied positive psychology (Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge), a coaching diploma in positive psychology (Positran, Paris), another in appreciative inquiry (French institute of appreciative inquiry and Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland), certified in lego serious play animation, AEC DISC and the Reiss profile, synergologist (decoding body language).


Expertise : positive psychology, positive leadership, intervention on individual commitment, process management according to appreciative inquiry, work on team balance and individual motivation, management training, organisational analysis and strategic advice, executive coaching, outplacement, recruitment, assessment, team cohesion and team management, conflict management, decoding of non-verbal language.

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Language : French – English


MBSR Trainer (“Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction”, based on Mindfulness, a founding program created by Jon Kaba Zinn)

a graduate of Brown University. Intervener in benevolent communication and meditation (continuous training for several years with A-CERTIF, association for NVC certification in French-speaking countries). Coach in positive psychology (Positran, Paris). Certified to animate according to the lego serious play method and for the Reiss motivational profile.


Professional actress (Marseille conservatory), specialist in improvisation, author-performer, director, theatre teacher, founder of theatre schools, radio columnist, theatre-making (theatre forum) of the company.


Expertise : training in benevolent communication, mediation and conflict management, conducting MBSR processes, team building, the art of communication, public speaking, sense of repartee, role-playing, writing tailor-made scenarios for companies, humour in relationships, decoding body language, coaching, positive psychology, specialist in the Reiss Motivation Profile®.


Her MBSR trainer site : Présence

Her actress website : catherinegillet.com

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Language : French – Spanish – English


Jean Weidmann holds a PhD in Human Resources Management from the Ecole des HEC, University of Lausanne. He has more than 20 years of experience in HRM with private and public organizations at national and international level. He has worked as HR Manager, Recruitment Manager, Staff Performance and Training Manager at Orange Communications and several UN agencies (UNESCO, FAO, ILO, UNIDO, WHO-Global Fund). Jean has worked in Austria, Canada, France, Italy, Switzerland and Thailand. He has also worked as a consultant for HR implementation, recruitment and staff performance management for several International Organisations and NGOs


Since 2012, Jean has been working as an HRM teacher. He teaches and has conducted corporate research on new HR trends, in particular holacracy, sociocracy, liberated enterprises and their effect on staff, autonomy at work, digitalisation and collective performance. Jean has also carried out several corporate mandates, and has created and managed a summer university in Brazil to discuss current challenges in HRM.


Expertise : Development of autonomy at work and collective performance, HR strategy, recruitment and assessment, skills assessment, job search support, development and implementation of company training courses, HR audit, coaching.


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Language : French – English


Philip specialises in coaching and assessment.

Of British origin, he has a professional background as a consultant, assessor, coach and outplacement coach. He is a graduate of the IDC Coaching Institute, a certified FSEA trainer and holds a master’s degree in management (MScBA). Certified in the Reiss profile and AEC DISC.

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