In keeping with our mission, which is to contribute to the optimal functioning of an individual and his balance, to work towards his fulfilment, his commitment and his performance, we intervene in the following areas:

  • Management training
  • Team cohesion
  • Mediation and conflict management
  • Optimism, Hope, Resilience and Coping Strategies
  • Appreciative inquiry and change management
  • The sense of repartee
  • Assessment and development centres
  • Individual outplacement
  • Coaching
  • Specific methods and/or tools

Details of the interventions:

  • Management training: concepts based on positive leadership, autonomy, relationships, motivation and individual responsibility.

Positive leadership involves the implementation of multiple positive practices that help individuals and organisations reach their highest potential, thrive at work, experience renewed energy and reach levels of effectiveness that are otherwise difficult to achieve. Strategies related to this include creating a positive climate, positive relationships, positive communication and positive meaning.

Processes, digitalization, IT, lean management and the standardisation of managerial practices have taken precedence over relationships, autonomy and the personalisation of work models. Tomorrow’s winning companies will be those capable of restoring the balance between operational and relational, of returning to this personalisation and autonomy, in order to make motivations, meaning, pleasure and responsibility resonate, with the aim of harmony, performance and success.


Nous offrons un processus complet de formation en management basé sur le modèle suivant :

  • Team cohesion: Concepts of positive relationship building, collective thinking and the use of specific tools (Reiss motivational profile, “lego serious play” approach, various cards, strengths, appreciative approach)
  • Mediation and conflict management: trained in benevolent communication and mediation, we propose actions carried out according to processes in line with the best practices in the field.
  • Optimism, Hope, Resilience and Coping Strategies: Resilience is the ability to control one’s reaction to life situations, to overcome difficulties and to bounce back after an adversity. We propose interventions that explain the theories related to these themes but above all allow you to integrate them into your daily life.
  • Appreciative inquiry and change management: conducting complete appreciative processes for small teams as well as for individual departments or even entire companies. How to manage change by moving from the problem-solving paradigm (identifying problems, analysing causes, choosing solutions, action plans) to that of visioning and co-constructing an ideal future (deciding on a positive project, appreciating what is, imagining what could be, determining what should be and creating what will be, innovating). We are certified by the French Institute of Appreciative Inquiry and the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland
  • The sense of repartee : a toolbox training made of “protective equipment” for better communication and assertiveness. Being self-confident by being emotionally stable – knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses – taking an interest in others – recognising “one’s no” in order to understand that of one’s interlocutors – learning to defend oneself without seeking to intimidate others – managing inappropriate criticism through authenticity – unmasking false compliments and using the sympathetic response – knowing how to categorically oppose deliberate denigration
  • Assessment and development centre : individual or collective assessments, with or without development processes. In our practices, we delegate part of the evaluation to the candidate himself, in order to ensure accountability but also to reduce the bias related to the observation situation
  • Individual outplacement: specialists in professional reintegration for more than 10 years, we accompany people looking for work or reconversion
  • Coaching: to support either senior executives in their managerial responsibilities, or any person wishing to improve their public speaking skills or prepare for specific speeches (pleading, interview, conference, debate, examination, defense, or any person in various situations of personal development, etc.)
  • Specific methods and/or tools: NVC, many tools from positive psychology, work on strengths, meditation, appreciative inquiry, job crafting, fishbowl animation, “talent room” or “dedicated room”, lego serious play, profil motivationnel Reiss, AEC DISC, VIA profile, card games, and so on.


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