Management and HR consulting:

    • intervention with management in order to audit the situations exposed and then to propose appropriate measures for positive development.


    • on request or according to the public agenda communicated. Our themes:


          • MBSR, an 8-week cycle to address the dangers of burn-out
          • New management models, well-being at work, commitment, agility, collective intelligence, etc.
          • Putting the conflict at the service of appeasement (benevolence), mediation in enterprises
          • Developing resilience and coping strategies
          • Personal development, as an individual responsibility. A concept materialising this: the “talent room”
          • The role and influence of positive psychology in the workplace
          • The strengths of appreciative inquiry
          • The different uses of the “lego serious play” method
          • A new form of assessment centres making it possible to limit biases relating to the actual observation situation

Workshops:practical applications and discoveries of ideo’s services

« For a better self-awareness »

        • In the form of “talent room” workshops, techniques for questioning and personal development, such as working on one’s strengths, job crafting, identifying one’s motivations (Reiss profile) and meditation experience in mindfulness.


« You and I in our bilateral relations »

        • A day to better understand the impact of our differences, how to work on what unites us more than on what opposes us, and how to change the paradigm to integrate caring communication into our interpersonal communication.


« We in team » (lego serious play and appreciative inquiry)

        • How to manage change in a different way than the “problem-solution” approach, how to create a mobilising common sense, how to take advantage of collective intelligence using the appreciative inquiry approach and “lego serious play” (animation with legos, or how to think with one’s hands).


« Meditation day or evening » 


« How to build optimism and resilience. »

      • Based on recent theories in positive psychology, we will present and propose tools that allow us to react or adapt to the events of our daily life.



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